Turn up the heat, not the cost this winter season

Published: Nov. 4, 2019 at 6:02 AM CST
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Cold temperatures means turning up the heat and potentially increasing your electric bill. Naturally people use more electricity because they're trying to stay warm. People take hot showers, using their hot water heaters, and turn on the lights because the decreased daylight.

Keith Williams, Focus on Energy Regional Manager of Southeast Wisconsin, said air leakage is a huge reason for increased energy bills. Focus on energy recommends homeowners get their insulation checked every year. "Windows that aren't tight and doors that aren't tight are gonna allow air to move in which is going to make them uncomfortable and then that causes them to turn the thermostat up a little bit higher to get comfortable so it's a vicious cycle so taking care of the little things in the house and making sure we stop that air from moving through," Williams said.

Other tips include checking your furnace filter and thermostat.

offers free energy saving packs for people who are part of 107 different utility partners. The packs are shipped to the homeowners when they

. The packs include energy saving light bulbs, pipe installation tape, energy saving power strips and energy efficient shower heads.

24 percent of Wisconsin's energy consumption is residential energy usage according to the


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