Two men disguised as utility workers break into home, steal $80 from elderly neighbor

(Source: Monona Police Department)
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MONONA, Wis. (WMTV) -- The Monona Police Department is investigating after two men disguised as utility workers broke into a safe and stole $80 from an elderly resident.

Police say that two men in a pickup truck arrived at a home in the 6200 block of Winnequah Road last Tuesday.

There, the men claimed to the elderly resident that they worked for an energy company and needed to inspect an electrical panel in his home.

The resident says they provided not proof they worked for who say said they worked for, but nonetheless allowed the men to make their inspection.

While one suspect an stayed in the truck, the other walked with the resident to the backyard, claiming he was making electrical inspections of the house's exterior, according to Monona police.

The resident added to police that the suspect had a headphone in his ear, which the resident believed was used to make contact with the other suspect waiting in the truck.

The man eventually went back to the truck and the two suspects left.

The resident, however, found out that they in fact had done no electrical work to his home.

The resident further discovered that they had actually broken into his safe and also stole $80 from his kitchen, according to Monona police.

The suspects

Monona police say there is no description of the pickup truck other than the tailgate was left open during the incident.

The resident described one suspect to police as a white man about 5'8" tall, with black hair and scruffy facial hair and wearing glasses, blue jeans and a gray coat.

The resident didn't have a description of the other suspect.

The Monona Police Department asks residents who have home surveillance in the 6200 block of Winnequah Road to check their records, in case the suspects were captured on camera.

If anyone has information regarding the suspects, Monona police ask you to call them at 608-222-0463.