UW Health conducts new trauma training

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- UW Health hospital was reverified as a Level I trauma center by the American College of Surgeons. They have been a Level I trauma center since 1992. Hospitals who have a Level I trauma certification have to get reverified every three years.

To complete the requirements to become a Level I trauma status the hospital is conducting skills training for people in the trauma program. Trama specialists have to get re-certified in training every four years.

Level I trauma center hospitals means UW Health will take the most-serious and life-threatening cases. University Hospital is the only hospital in the state to be verified as Level I for both adult and pediatric trauma as well as a verified burn center.

In 2018, there were 3500 adult traumas including blunt force trauma, falls and motor vehicle crashes. There were 615 pediatric traumas in 2018, most cases were falls, motor vehicle crashes, children struk by an object and assault.

"UW-Health is really proud to be able to be at a Level I verification, we really feel very strongly that we can provide excellent medical care here and take care of our trauma patients and so we’re really proud to continue to do that and to serve our community,” Ciara Barclay-Buchanan, Associate Program Director of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program said.

UW-Health has a simulation program that allows specialists to receive trauma training to get certificated or renew their certification.

"We’re unique because we use our mannequins which are high fidelity mannequins and they breathe and they can talk to you, their eyes can blink we can control their vitals," Krystle Campbell, Simulation Manager said.

UW-Health is only one of 12 centers throughout the United States that is verified for both adult and pediatric traumas as well as a burn center.