UW Health confirms positive coronavirus test

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- The University of Wisconsin Health System confirmed Friday that a member of its team has tested positive for the coronavirus – and a hospital spokesperson added that, given the nature of their work, more cases are likely.

“As COVID-19 spreads in our community, we know our physicians, providers and staff may be exposed and contract the virus, either through workplace interactions or providing care,” UW Health’s Emily Kumlien explained.

The Health System is following COVID-19 procedures for handling the case, as they would for any new ones, Kumlien said. The name of the individual nor their role at UW Health was not released.

Kumlien added that UW Health has set up a driver-thru coronavirus testing facility for its physicians, providers, and staff to ensure their safety and make sure the hospital is prepared to treat other coronavirus patients.

Earlier in the day, another medical provider, SSM Health announced one of its physicians also tested positive for the coronavirus. It noted that the doctor was not showing any symptoms while seeing patients and they are contacting everyone who may have come in contact with the individual.