UW Madison revises employee leave policy in response to coronavirus

Published: Mar. 17, 2020 at 3:42 PM CDT
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After asking its units to have as many employees as possible work from home, the University of Wisconsin Madison

that, starting Wednesday, campus officials will start taking steps to ensure that the only employees still coming to work are those who handle essential services that cannot be done from home.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to follow

,” the University said. “

Stay home if you are sick

to help protect our community.” (emphasis theirs)

On Tuesday, the University also rolled out changes to its leave policy designed to help workers who take time off in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The new rules apply to all staff members, except student hourly staff, who will get further guidance soon, UW explained.

Highlights of the new police, according to the University, include a new 80-hour leave bank, workers can use when they cannot come to work for coronavirus-related reasons and are unable to perform those functions remotely. Those 80 hours can also be used when an employee is unable to work because they or an immediate family member is ill with COVID-19 or if they are ordered to self-quarantine.

The provisions allow for a lump sum payment, as well, for employees who are forced to come in under “difficult circumstances.” See the full policy


When announcing these employee policy changes, the University additionally informed students and staff that in-person learning

this semester, including for final exams.

Students who left for Spring Break were asked "to carefully consider whether they need to return to Madison or can continue the semester from their permanent residence."