UW celebrates 150 years of female graduates

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A monumental anniversary for the University of Wisconsin, as it celebrates 150 years of women graduates.

The first six women to receive diplomas from UW were some of the first in the country. That same cutting edge mantra has continued with Badger women ever since.

In honor of the thousands of female graduates since 1865, the University of Wisconsin celebrated the anniversary Tuesday evening.

“Yes, one of the leading yes, one of the leading. I shouldn't say that because now I work at Princeton,” says graduate Fatima Ebrahimi.

Ebrahimi earned her PhD from the University of Wisconsin in 2003. She now works at Princeton College, as a principal research physicist in the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory’s Theory Department.

Dr. Marci Bowers, undergraduate class of 1980, is also leading the way in her field. Bowers is known world-wide as a pioneer surgeon specializing in gender reassignment.

Bowers hopes her career can inspire future Badger women.
“Being that example, I think, for young women and girls is so huge because it just says to everyone that you look out, we have something to offer,” Bowers tells NBC15 News.

Ebrahimi says her time at UW proved to be equal and fulfilling.

“I've had a great experience in Madison. Being here, doing my graduate studies,” she says. “The physics department has been very supportive of women, even if there was just one or two women.”

Bowers puts it best when she tells us, “Once you’re a Badger, you’re always a Badger.”