UWPD now offering off-campus alerts to students and faculty

Published: Oct. 11, 2018 at 9:26 PM CDT
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University of Wisconsin-Madison Police began a pilot program Wednesday, offering off-campus safety alerts to students and faculty who sign-up.

UWPD said feedback suggests students and staff want to be more informed about crimes and emergencies on and around campus.

Right now, the school is required by federal law to send alerts for active emergencies, and in some cases on-going crimes that impact the campus.

The off-campus alerts will let students and staff know about significant threats happening in the area stretching between Lake and Butler streets and Johnson Street to Lake Mendota. Police said this is a high student density area.

"We’ve had a few incidents in the recent past that involved weapons, those kinds of issues, occurring in the lower half of State Street, and the Langdon Street area. Typically what we’re looking at is those kinds of calls that might pose a potential threat to folks in those areas" said UW Police Chief Kristen Roman.

Unlike the required alerts Chief Roman said students and faculty need to sign-up for off-campus alerts, which can be done at

The pilot program has been in the works for six-months, and police said they are still working to define how often and which crimes will be issued an alert.

Police also said the off-campus alert program has the potential to expand. Right now the geographical area does not include off-campus space near Camp Randall or Mifflin Street.

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