Unbelievable: Swarm of mayflies cover car near Port Clinton, Ohio

Mayflies cover car parked at the Miller Ferry lot on Catawba Point (Source: Facebook)
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Swarms of mayflies invaded Northeast Ohio’s lakeshore overnight, blanketing cars and homes that were in their path.

Unbelievable photos shared on Facebook shows a car covered in the pests at the Miller Ferry parking lot along Lake Erie.

The mayfly swarms were so dense overnight, they were caught on weather radar.

As annoying as they are, mayflies are completely harmless. They tend to congregate under bright lights and rest on the side of cars or buildings.

Surprisingly, mayflies come from the depths of Lake Erie, starting as an egg and hatching to a nymph burrowed into lake sediment. The nymph continues to grow larger until the skin molts, showing off a pair of ready-to-fly wings.

The mayflies do not stick around for long. After emerging from Lake Erie, the mayfly’s winged-stage typically lasts up to two days before the pests die.

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