Upper Peninsula man invents new mechanical broadhead

Published: Nov. 4, 2019 at 11:23 AM CST
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A Michigan man says his new mechanical broadhead is finally in production and ready for use by hunters all over the country.

The Morpheus Broadhead is the result of more than 6 years of development and testing according to its inventor, David Belanger.

One key feature of Morpheus is the blades’ ability to open immediately at impact, creating an entrance wound in the target 1.65 inches in diameter. As a result, Morpheus maximizes blood loss and increases the possibility of creating an exit wound according to Belanger.

While other mechanical broadheads don't fully deploy until they've penetrated several inches into the target, Morpheus will fully deploy at impact.

Belanger says a larger entrance wound creates a quicker, more humane kill for hunters. It also allows hunters to track their prey more accurately and increases the odds of finding their prey.

Another feature unique to Morpheus’ patent pending design is what Belanger calls initial flight stabilization. This allows the blades to fully deploy as the arrow is released from the bow. Then, as the arrow moves downrange, the blades shut tight again until impact. This minimizes friction and avoids the wind planing effect observed with most broadheads according to Belanger.

Belanger also says Morpheus is designed so that our wounded warriors can be involved in the assembly and production of the broadhead.

"They need to be assembled. They need to be packaged. There's inventory control. There's shipping and there are a lot of functions that our wounded warriors can take care of. So we don’t ever have to have this manufactured overseas. We can bring it home and have it do some good,” Belanger announced.

Belanger has also invented a special target specifically designed for mechanical broadheads. So you can practice with the actual broadhead tip you intend to hunt with instead of using a dummy tip with a similar weight during practice. This will lead to increased confidence when you decide to take that crucial shot.

The target and a two-blade version of Morpheus Broadhead will be available soon. Click here to learn more and to place your order.

"The manufactures of Morpheus want to make sure that every body spends the time that's necessary so that when you do take that shot, you know you’re going to make a clean kill. So stay within your skill-set and make sure that you don't release that arrow unless you know that it can fit in that kill zone. We encourage everybody do the best they can to be humane and respect the animals that they’re hunting," Belanger concluded.