Friends, faith and Facebook help Verona family find lost heirloom

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STOUGHTON, Wis.(WMTV)-- On December 23, 2017, the Verona Girls Basketball team played Stoughton High School. Mary Jo Griffith went to watch her grand-daughter play, and while Verona didn't pull through with a win, it was a different loss she was worried about.

"I lost my wedding band," said Mary Jo Griffith.

Mary Jo said she removed the ring to put lotion on her hands, and when she went to get it stamped at the game, she noticed it was gone.

The family concluded it likely fell somewhere in the Stoughton High School parking lot.

"We remembered the lot number where we parked our car and checked that out but nothing," said Mary Jo.

The ring is a one-of-a kind and a family heirloom. It was recently redesigned to include diamonds from Mary Jo’s aunt and mother's engagement rings.

"My husband, my mother, my aunt [are] close to me at all time,” said Griffith.

A disappointed Mary Jo said when searching for the ring she was relying on their faith.

"Dear Saint Anthony, Look around something is lost and must be found,” Griffith said repeatedly during the search.

Several days later her daughter thought to put a final call for help on Facebook.

"I was determined we were going to find it," said Mary Jo’s daughter, Julie Briggs.

She posted a photo of the ring, and asked if anyone had seen it. The post was shared more than 250 times. A few hours later, it showed up on Shawn McDonald’s Facebook Timeline.

"I happened to open Facebook and I said, ‘Wait a minute, that’s not lost that’s found,” said McDonald.

McDonald and his wife Dawn Witek found the ring in the school's parking lot.

"I’m like, I’m pretty sure that's somebody's wedding band." said Witek.

The four connected over social media, and the ring was returned home. Mary Jo is thanking her faith, friends and Facebook for finding what must be found.

"There are good people in this world and we need to thank them from the bottom of our heart and I do,” said Mary Jo.