'We're not turning anyone away': Vet clinics to offer curbside care during quarantine

Published: Mar. 23, 2020 at 7:30 PM CDT
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As many people stay home during the COVID-19 nationwide quarantine, many medical professionals have switched to “tele-health” via computers.

Following Governor Tony Evers’

announcement, many veterinary clinics are following suit.

“You give us a history, we go over what’s going on. You send a couple pictures, and we set up the medicine,” says Dr. Mike Leuthner, associate veterinarian with Petcare Animal Hospital. “Get [your pet] comfortable so we don’t have to wait five days, ten days and have it be three times as bad.”

Dr. Leuthner says Petcare Animal Hospital already offers tele-health services to patients. It also offers curbside care for those in need.

“Owners drive up into the parking lot, give us a call, give us a history. We make a plan, we have a technician bring your pet into the hospital without owner to have that social distancing be satisfied,” Dr. Leuthner says.

NBC15 News reached out to multiple veterinary clinics in the area, all of which are utilizing curbside care for animals in need.

Many pet clinics and hospitals are also cutting back on elective surgeries, focusing only on essential and emergency treatments.

“We’re in the beginning of this crisis. We don’t know if we’re going to end up without supplies,” Dr. Leuthner tells NBC15 News. “So we’re just listening to the higher ups, and trying to not look back and say, ‘Boy, we should have done that very differently.’”

, there have been no reported cases of COVID-19 affecting an animal. CDC experts also say there is a low chance that animals can pass the virus off to humans.

“The jury’s out right now on whether our canine patients are even in the risk pool,” Dr. Leuthner says. “I mean that’s just more argument to stay safe, to stay isolated.”

Dr. Leuthner says the main takeaway is to call your vet before you make a trip there.

“We’re not turning anyone away,” he says. “If someone has an emergency, the current state of veterinary industry, is to offer curbside service.”

A call to your vet may also tell you what options are available for a virtual check-up, or whether your pet needs to be physically examined by a professional.

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