Violent attack caught on camera at Wisconsin high school

New Berlin High School
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BERLIN, Wis. -- (WMTV) Disturbing video is making the rounds on social media showing a high school student in Green Lake County violently beating another student. Authorities are now investigating the attack that took place at Berlin High School.

Police in Berlin say around noon on Thursday, there was an “altercation involving two Berlin High School students.”

A video of the incident is being shared on social media. The video shows a student violently punching another student sitting at a table in the cafeteria. The victim is seen covering his head with both his arms. The video shows the attacker hit the student in the head more than a dozen times. When the dazed victim falls onto the ground, the attacker then stomps on his head.

Other students are seen in the video walking past the attack. One student is seen sitting at the table with the victim but getting up and walking away.

It’s unclear who recorded the 18 second video. Berlin Police say they have identified both students in the video and don't believe the victim was hospitalized after the attack.

District administrator Bob Eidahl confirmed with NBC 15 that the attack happened at the high school. He says he doesn’t know the current condition of the student or if the attacking student has been arrested.

The Berlin Police Department says they are investigating the matter “thoroughly” and will refer the incident to the Green Lake County District Attorney’s office once the investigation is complete.

The Berlin School District released a statement on Friday morning:

"The Berlin School District takes this incident very seriously and is working cooperatively with local law enforcement in its investigation so appropriate disciplinary action can be taken. Because this involves minors, we cannot comment further nor provide identification of the two students involved.

It is important for the public to know that this is not who we are as a district nor is it reflective of the vast majority of our students who care about each other and about their education."

Berlin is located about 75 miles northeast of Madison.