Visions Night Club key issue for East Washington corridor, says Alder

Published: Dec. 11, 2018 at 8:46 PM CST
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After a shooting and stabbing that left five people injured at Visions Night Club in Madison, some businesses near the club said they aren't surprised to hear about what happened.

While some businesses on East Washington said they did not feel unsafe at their locations, they did say they knew of incidents involving shootings in the area before, as well as robberies.

"I had some burglaries here, a number of them, where they've broken in and they crow barred their way in the through the door, got it twice in one week," said Robert Horner, who has been at his business Doctor Horner's Radiator Service for 30 years.

"As far as the neighborhood, it's a good neighborhood," Horner said. However, he did say there have been some incidents in the community before.

"They had a shooting across the road here recently, in the last year or so. I believe it was by AutoZone, somebody was shot a number of times," he said. "There's been some issues across the street here at the motel. Other than that, nothing that we can do about it."

But the district's Alder, David Ahrens, is trying to do something about the situation by meeting with Visions management.

"I and police and city attorneys will meet with the managers there soon, that is this week or the beginning of next week, and demand that they do immediate changes in security for the area," Ahrens said. "Also inform them that we're going to seek the revocation of their license."

Ahrens said that he believes many of the issues the area is facing stem from Visions, and said he thinks if Visions were to close, it would positively impact the area.

"I don't want to say every problem in the whole neighborhood is, but when you have a regular group of people there who are there to get smashed, sell drugs, do prostitution, and everything else that goes around that, you're going to have very bad results," Ahrens said.

While Horner said that he has never had problems with Visions before, another business on the block said that they do not like working so close to the club, and wish it was not there.

"Visions is a strip club, and it makes its money off of degrading women and the people who want to see that," Ahrens said. "So it's really something out of a time long ago, that I think it's time for it to go."

NBC15 reached out to Visions Night Club about the recent shooting and were told that they are not commenting at this time. Madison police also said that they are not commenting about the incident because it is still under investigation.

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