Visions nightclub hires more security guards following shooting

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Visions Nightclub in Madison has decided to hire additional security guards following a shooting that left four injured at the club on Dec. 9.

Jeff Scott Olson Law Firm, which is representing Visions, said in a statement Friday that Visions will contract the services of two additional security staff on Fridays and Saturdays – bringing total security to three on those days.

Visions said the hiring is part of an effort to bolster security in a neighborhood it says is increasing succumbing to crime.

“What has changed, since the classy supper club across the street from us was replaced by an all-night convenience store, is the sort of people you encounter on the streets of our neighborhood,” according to the press release. “It has been the site of armed robberies, shootings, drug arrests, and multiple police calls for noise, and suspicious and disorderly persons.”

The Visions security staff will continue to enforce a no-firearms policy. Staff will also be using hand-held metal detectors to check for weapons.

NBC15 previously reported on the rising crime in the area around Truax on Madison’s East Side, where Visions is located.

According to reports from Madison police, the neighborhood has seen 1,331 calls for service since 2016.

These calls range from parking complaints to incidents involving a weapon. The numbers seem to show that police are responding to at least once call a day.