WATCH: Beloit firefighters douse blazing car after it smashed into telephone pole

A still from the video the City of Beloit Fire Department posted to Facebook, showing crews put out a car on fire (Source: City of Beloit Fire Department via Facebook)
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CITY OF BELOIT, Wis. (WMTV) -- A blazing vehicle fire in Beloit was caught on camera as firefighters doused a car that had went up in flames after it smashed into a telephone pole Friday.

The City of Beloit Fire Department posted the video on Facebook, showing firefighters efficiently putting out the burning vehicle.

The department says first responders at the scene found that all the occupants had managed to safely get out of the vehicle before it went up in flames.

Crews said that the impact of the crash had actually cracked the telephone pole in half, and that telephone wires had been scattered across the scene.

Alliant Energy had to be contacted in order to turn the electricity off, so crews could then put out the flaming car.

Once that was done, it was safe for the lifesavers of Beloit Fire Department's Engine 112 to douse the car.

Watch the video embedded below