WI Supreme Court Candidate says not postponing the election is ‘unfortunate’

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MADISON, Wis (AP/WMTV) - Wisconsin Supreme Court hopeful Jill Karofsky said it is unfortunate the election was not postponed, and that leaders did not follow the advice of healthcare professionals.

Dane County Judge Jill Karofsky and Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly (Source: Dane County, State of Wisconsin)

“There was plenty of time for changes to be made,” she said.

Korofsky is trying to unseat incumbent Justice Dan Kelly, who is part of the Supreme Court’s five person conservative majority. The race is non-partisan, but Democrats back Karofsky and Republicans support Kelly.

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Gov. Tony Evers issued an executive order Monday postponing in-person voting to June but the Supreme Court struck it down 4-2 in a matter of hours. Kelly recused himself.

Karofsky told reporters Tuesday that the court's decision is another example of how the court is broken. She said there's no way the justices had time to truly analyze Evers' order and the extent of his emergency powers under state law before they issued their decision. That creates the perception that the court reached the decision ahead of time.

Kelly spent Tuesday sending out tweets asking people to vote.

Karofksy has accused Kelly of being corrupt because he constantly sides with conservative groups when they come before the court.

Karofsky herself has accepted $1.3 million from the state Democratic Party. She said Tuesday that if she gets on the court she would recuse herself from any litigation involving the state Democratic Party. She also said that she would recuse herself from any challenge to the election's validity if the case directly impacts her.