WI politician's breastfeeding video goes viral

Published: Mar. 13, 2018 at 10:12 PM CDT
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A democratic governor candidate's digital campaign video has gone viral for something that has never been done in an American campaign video.

Kelda Helen Roys' video launched March 6. While talking about advocating for families and her previous work to ban BPA in Wisconsin, she breastfeeds her daughter.

"People have reached out to me saying it has helped them feel more comfortable juggling their family with their professional life," Roys said.

The video has over 99,000 views on her Facebook page.

"I think women and all parents should have the right to take care of their babies without getting harassed or shamed," Roys said.

Political campaign expert Mike Wagner said this video grabbed attention and set Roys apart from the nearly dozen democratic primary candidates.

"There might be some people who have more conservative social views that might object to doing that in general in a public venue the way it was done. But those people will not be voting in the Wisconsin Democratic Primaries," Wagner said.

Mothers' Milk Alliance has been actively advocating for breastfeeding mothers for years. They say this video isn't using breastfeeding for political gain, it is normalizing the topic.

"I think we need real mothers with real issues front and center and that is what this ad does, " Ingrid Andersson from Mothers' Milk Alliance said. "Political party aside. We don't endorse candidates."

They have been advocating for a bill at the Wisconsin Capitol. The bill calls on employers to give breastfeeding mothers a break to pump during the day. This is something that not every women is given the right to do.

More information on the breastfeeding bill: