CEO: WTS Paradigm offers support to employees during recovery process

Published: Sep. 25, 2018 at 7:37 AM CDT
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The CEO of WTS Paradigm, Nate Herbst, discussed his company's reaction to the workplace shooting and how they are moving forward during a press conference on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

WTS Paradigm is the software company in Middleton where four people were injured after an employee opened fire on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

"Our employees are doing as well as to be expected in this situation," said Nate Herbst, CEO of WTS Paradigm. "We are supporting our employees and providing important support services to them."

Police said Anthony Tong was shot and killed by officers responding to the scene. A motive for the shooting is still unknown.

Three of the victims have been released from the hospital, the fourth remains in ‘fair’ condition.

"Our thoughts are with our employees who were injured last week. They continue the recovery process....The good news is two are recovering at home and while the 3rd is recovering in the hospital, they are doing well," said Herbst.

WTS Paradigm will have grief counselors available for employees on Tuesday and they are allowing employees to reengage back into the work place at their own pace.

"We will find the strength to recover and move forward," said Herbst.