Walker to launch re-election bid in November

Published: Oct. 18, 2017 at 6:57 AM CDT
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Gov. Scott Walker says he plans to formally announce his re-election bid the week of Nov. 6.

Walker's plans to run for a third term have been well known, as he's been raising money and taking steps to mount the campaign ever since he dropped out of the presidential race in the fall of 2015.

Walker released a new online campaign video Wednesday that touts his record but says more needs to be done. He followed that up with a fundraising email where he said he will launch the campaign the week of Nov. 6.

Eight Democrats have said they are running to take him on, while several others are considering getting it the race.


The Wisconsin Democratic Party is slamming Gov. Scott Walker's new video leading up to the launch of his re-election bid as a "revisionist campaign stunt."

In the minute-long video released Wednesday, Walker touts his record on creating jobs, lowering taxes, investing in schools and increasing health care accessibility.

Democratic Party spokeswoman Melanie Conklin says in a statement that if Walker were honest the video would show his refusal to accept federal Medicaid expansion money, cuts in funding to public schools and tax giveaways to the rich.

Walker rides his Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the ad. Conklin says a more accurate video would have shown him "being jostled around on Wisconsin's crumbling roads."


Gov. Scott Walker rides a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and jogs in a red Wisconsin T-shirt on a new campaign video touting his record ahead of his run for re-election.

Walker released the minute-long video online Wednesday, a precursor to the official launch of his re-election campaign expected in early November.

The video features Walker talking about his record the past seven years as governor, and also references this summer's news that Foxconn Technology Group plans to locate a factory that could employ thousands in the state.

The video ends with a shot of Walker riding his Harley down the road with him asking the viewer, "Are you with me?"

Eight Democrats have already announced plans to challenge Walker, with several more considering it.

Statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin's Communications Director, Melanie Conklin:

“If Scott Walker released an honest video on his track record in Wisconsin, it would show his refusal to expand health care to all Wisconsinites, his rejecting federal money to improve broadband in rural Wisconsin, his wounding cuts to our public schools and his singular pursuit of serving the ultra-wealthy around the country over the majority of middle-class Wisconsin residents. Proof is in his tax giveaways to the rich, his extravagant credit-card state borrowing and his complete failure on his very own job-creation promises that were the centerpiece of his first campaign.
“Scott Walker’s political posing on a motorcycle is fine, but an accurate video would show him being jostled around on Wisconsin’s crumbling roads that are the fourth worst in the nation as he sped across a state line to a waiting jet to take him to his latest coastal fundraiser-- ignoring Wisconsin as he pursues higher office for himself.
“His new white W logo stands for nothing but Walker himself, as he has always put his personal political pursuits far ahead of Wisconsin’s needs and interest.”