Walker says he'll speak at Republican National Convention

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he'll speak at the Republican National Convention.

Walker told WKOW-TV after an event in Platteville he's agreed to speak at the GOP gathering in Cleveland July 18-21. RNC spokesman Alee Lockman told WKOW the schedule is still being finalized.

Walker acknowledged he's now rejecting the idea that Donald Trump could be replaced as the nominee. Walker said two weeks ago that he believed delegates should be free to vote their consciences. But he told WKOW a vote for anyone other than Trump is a "de facto vote" for Hilary Clinton.

The governor, who's been the subject of Trump attacks, says he'll put them aside for the good of the country.

Walker's campaign spokesman didn't immediately respond to a request for details on his speech.

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