We are in the warmest time of the year

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- We are officially a few weeks into Summer, but subtle signs of Fall are already showing up. While sunlight has been decreasing by 2-3 minutes a day since late June, average temperatures have been continuing to increase. A common belief is that our warmest day of the year coincides with the longest day of the year. This is actually incorrect.

Speaking in terms of average, July 5th-20th feature our warmest conditions. The average high is 82 degrees while the low is 61 degrees. The reason behind this is a phenomena called "Lag of Seasons."

Simply put, the Earth takes awhile to warm-up. It just takes Earth time to thaw from Winter and accumulate heat. It's the same reason it's hotter in the late afternoon than solar Noon. Another reason locally, through Wisconsin, is our close proximity to the Great Lakes. Water is even slower to heat up, and spawns numerous cool lake breezes during the Summer season.

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