Two weather records broken and more are in jeopardy

Published: Nov. 12, 2019 at 12:04 PM CST
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This week has been one for the weather record books in Madison.

So far, two daily records have been broken and one has been tied.

On November 11, the daily snowfall record was broken and the record low temperature was tied.

On Monday, 2.5" of snow fell and the low temperature was 9 degrees, which was recorded at 11:59 p.m.

The previous snowfall record on November 11 was 2.0" (1981).

The record low temperature on November 11 was originally set in 1979.

The record low temperature for November 12 was broken Tuesday morning. The low temperature in Madison Tuesday morning was 4 degrees.

The previous record was 7 degrees, which was set in 1911 and tied in 1986.

There is a chance three other records could be in jeopardy.

The coldest high temperature recorded in Madison on November 12 is 16 degrees. The forecast high is 18 degrees. We'll be close to tying this record, but we probably won't break it.

Another record Madison will probably be close to but won't tie or break is the record low for November 13. The record low for November 13 is 2 degrees (1986).

The forecast low for Wednesday morning is 8 degrees. Increasing clouds will likely prevent this record from being tied or broken. If the clouds don't increase as quickly as forecast, there is chance temperatures could drop a little quicker than expected.

The next round accumulating snow is expected Wednesday afternoon and evening. Right now, Madison is expected to receive 2-3" of snow. This would easily break the daily snowfall record of 1.2" (1959) in Madison on November 13.

The NBC15 Weather Authority Team will be keeping a close eye on the thermometer and snowfall totals today and tonight.