Weather causes problems in Rock County

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ROCK COUNTY, Wis. (WMTV)--- The weather is causing some issues on the roads on Wednesday in Rock County.

IN Orfordville, crews have been busy repairing a portion of Highway 213 near Main and Wright Streets.

There was a water main break late last week and a sinkhole started to form on Wednesday.

Crews shut down the southbound lane because they're worried about the hole getting bigger.

NBC15 spoke with the owner of Knute's Bar and Grill who says this winter weather has been tough.

The latest water main break caused sewage to back up in the business.

"We have a lower level that we only use on the weekend and the back up started there so it really didn't effect our business any other than us having to clean it up and take care of it," said Kerry Knutson, owner of Knute's Bar and Grill.

Even with the issue last week *and* the road repair, Knute's is open for business.

Crews are hoping to get the road fixed Wednesday.