"We're losing a piece of our dad," Rock Co. family looking for missing pillow

JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) --- For Jeff Fox and his family, there was nothing like a summer day at Miller Park or a fall Saturday at Camp Randall.

A Rock Co. family makes a special place holder for their dad who passed away in May 2018. They used his favorite shirt he wore to every Badger game. Before the BYU game, the family say someone stole the pillow from a locked cabinet in their private, family suite at Camp Randall.

“He went to every single one. He would do our entire schedule for the year to make sure we made it all of the Badger home games,” Justin Fox said with a smile on his face as he talked about his father.

Jeff’s family has had box seats at Camp Randall for several years now. Jeff sat in the same seat and wore the same shirt for every game.

“So, he was the first person to tell you, ‘Down in front and get out of the way. I want to watch the game.’ And that was the perfect view to see the game,” said Justin.

For Justin one thing comes to mind when he thinks of all the times spent at Camp Randall. “When I picture Badger games, that shirt is one of the things I picture.”

The shirt is a long-sleeved, red, black and white plaid, with a Wisconsin patch right above the pocket. Jeff wore it as a lucky charm as he cheered on the Badgers.

Everything changed earlier this summer. Jeff collapsed at a Brewer game in Milwaukee in May. He was there with family, as well as many of his employees. Jeff was just 61-years-old.

“My sister and I were both at the game – witnessed the entire thing. It was very, very stressful,” said Justin.

He said his sister, who worked in the medical field, immediately started CPR. One of the things that is hard for the Fox family is knowing that Jeff had a clean bill of health given to him from a cardiologist, yet just days later he died.

To honor Jeff at Badger Games, the Fox family decided to turn his favorite shirt into a pillow so he could have the best seat in the house. On the back, it was inscribed with a special message. “This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it, know I am there. Love, Dad.”

“It was a place holder for him when we were in the suite,” said Justin.

The family sat it out for the first two home games of the season, but when the family returned to their private suite on Sept. 15 for the BYU game it wasn’t in the locked cabinet where they last put it.

“Who steals stuff like that? You have nothing to gain from stealing this,” said Justin.

The pillow and two Badger fleece blankets were gone from the family’s private suite.

In hopes of someone realizing how special this pillow was, Justin and his family put a plea out on social media. It’s been shared more than 6,000 times.

“It’s sentimental. It has no monetary value what so ever,” said Justin. “Please just turn it over.”

The Fox family is not looking to press charges, they just want this final piece that reminds them of their dad to be returned.

“We're losing a piece of our dad. That was one of the things he truly cared about. It's something we saw him in the last four or five years,” said Justin.

University of Madison Police confirmed with NBC15 that a police report has been filed and officers are currently following up on leads and looking through surveillance video.

If you know where the pillow from suite 6204 is or who may have it, the Fox family asks that you call 608-774-7722. You can also drop it off or mail it to 3911 N. Hackbarth Road Janesville, WI 53548.