What the Winter "Weather Impact Scale" means

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- At NBC15, The Weather Authority is always helping you plan your day. That is why we have developed a Weather Impact Scale to help you understand the disruption you may face. The impact scale has five levels. The criteria will change seasonally. For Winter weather season the Weather Impact Scale is as follows:

No impactful weather is expected.

Yellow 1 - Low
-Less than 2 inches of snow
-Ice of .01-.05 of an inch
-Freezing fog with visibility of 1 mile
-Winds gusting 25-35 MPH
-A wind chill of -10 to 0 degrees

Orange 2 - Medium
-Snow of 2-5 inches
-Ice of .05-.10 of an inch
-Freezing fog with visibility less than 1/4 mile
-Winds gusting 35-50 MPH
-A wind chill of -30 to -10 degrees

Red 3 - High
-Snow greater than 5 inches
-Ice of .10-.25 of an inch
-Freezing fog with visibility near zero
-Winds gusting greater than 50 MPH
-A wind chill less than -30 degrees

Pink 4 - Extreme
-Extreme life threatening Winter weather is expected.

NBC15's team of meteorologists will share the daily weather impact scale during each forecast - breaking down the threats, the timing, how we decided the impact level and what it all means for you.

The NBC15 Weather Authority's mission is to keep your family safe and our Weather Impact Scale is just another way we deliver on that mission.

Don't forget you can track everything weather related right from your smart device. The NBC15 Weather Authority App is available now on all mobile devices in the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iOS users.