Wisconsin Dells restaurant disinfects with futuristic technology before reopen

High Rock Cafe gets the "Shock and Shield" treatment using UV lights and an...
High Rock Cafe gets the "Shock and Shield" treatment using UV lights and an antimicrobial spray.(NBC15)
Published: May. 20, 2020 at 9:55 PM CDT
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The day before its grand re-opening, a Wisconsin Dells restaurant took a futuristic approach to keep customers safe.

After weeks of no in-person dining, High Rock Café got the “Shock and Shield” procedure, a two-step treatment involving UV light and an antimicrobial spray.

“We're selling science, but people are purchasing peace of mind,” co-creator Andy Weins said. His company Green Up Solutions, in partnership with Omni Solutions, has already brought this technology to hundreds of major hospital systems nationwide.

High Rock Café was the second restaurant in the country to receive the treatment.

UV light destroys contaminants in an area, and the antimicrobial spray creates a protective coating around the surface. The layer, Weins said, can last up to 90 days, even on high-touch surfaces.

Weins further explained, “Once 'Shock and Shield' is applied, restaurant owners and all business owners can continue to disinfect and clean under their normal protocols. Antimicrobial is an extra layer of protection because there’s always a chance for human error."

Justin Draper, chef and co-owner of High Rock Café, said he believes this technology will effectively keep his customers safe.

“With the way that I’ve read up about it and the science they have behind it, I'm pretty optimistic,” he said.

Draper has also distanced his tables and installed hand sanitizer dispensers. Additionally, he says, staff will disinfect all surfaces every 15 minutes.

“We definitely want people to know that we're trying,” Draper said.

The co-creators of “Shock and Shield” are rolling out their technology in multiple states. Weins hopes to reach wherever “humans are interacting on an everyday basis.”