Wisconsin Emergency Management prepared for winter storm during State of Emergency

Published: Jan. 28, 2019 at 9:38 PM CST
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Governor Tony Evers declared a State of Emergency for Wisconsin on Monday, and Wisconsin Emergency Management said that they are ready for the storm, and to assist as needed.

"A State of Emergency essentially allows state resources to be deployed quickly if our local partners make a request for assistance," said Andrew Beckett, spokesperson with Wisconsin Emergency Management and the state's Ready Wisconsin campaign.

Wisconsin Emergency Management is working with multiple state agencies to ensure that resources are readily available should they be requested.

"We prepare year round for pretty much any situation that mother nature can throw at us," Beckett said.

One of the groups able to help if needed is the Wisconsin National Guard.

"In a situation where you'd be dealing with a cold weather event, you may look at having members of the Guard potentially doing something like a welfare check, they've been used to do that kind of thing in the past, assisting to help stranded motorists," Beckett said. "There's a number of different capabilities that the Guard has, and they can fulfill whatever mission they are requested to actually address."

Jeff Jelinek, Emergency Management Director in Sauk County, said that having the State of Emergency declared is a good things for state counties.

"It's truly a good precautionary measure, hopefully we don't have to use anything," said Jelinek. He said it's helpful because it enables state resources to send help right away and frees up resources.

Jelinek said that Sauk County is prepared for the elements, although this kind of cold is rare.

"We do not see wind chill warnings very often," he said. "We were just on a conference call today with the National Weather Service that said we get one every two to three years, so that's the thing that's worrisome."

Both Beckett and Jelinek said people should remember to be extra cautious and prepared this week, especially by having an emergency kit in your car in case of accidents.