Wisconsin State Patrol to help pickup, drop off COVID-19 testing kits

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- Wisconsin State Troopers are stepping up to help during this coronavirus outbreak.

(Source: WMTV)

Gov. Tony Evers asked the State Patrol pick up and drop off testing kits from hospitals and medical facilities.

A courier service will handle most of the transportation, but if there are too many tests to move and the couriers become overwhelmed, State Patrol will step in to help.

State Troopers have already made several deliveries over the past week.

“The packages are sealed using a three-layer system to ensure that they are water tight and leak poof and there is no chance of risk to the individual who is transporting the prepackaged specimen,” says Sgt. Gary Helgerson with the State Patrol. “There is no special equipment or protective gear required by the trooper.”

Many of the tests are being analyzed at the State Lab of Hygiene in Madison