Wisconsin governor taking a 'detour' with highway signs

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin's new Democratic governor is repurposing highway signs that his Republican predecessor installed declaring the state to be "open for business."

Scott Walker ran on the motto in 2010 and put 23 signs in place at the state's borders after his win to send a message about his agenda he argued would entice job creators.

But now those signs are being sawed in half by Gov. Tony Evers' administration to be converted into "detour" signs. Evers' administration notified Republican state Rep. John Macco of its plans for the signs in a Feb. 1 letter, saying the conversion would not waste any of the materials used for the "open for business" signs.

Macco says converting them to detour signs is ironic because "that is exactly the result his policies may produce."