Wisconsin is first state with "Green Alert" system for missing veterans

Published: Mar. 28, 2018 at 4:07 PM CDT
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Wisonsin is officially the first state to create an alert system for when veterans go missing.

Gov. Scott Walker signed the "Green Alert" bill into law today.

It was inspired by Corey Adams, a Milwaukee veteran that went missing and was later found dead, last year.

The "Green Alert" system will work like the silver or amber alert, notifying the public when a vulnerable veteran goes missing.

The Adams family says Corey in continuing to make a difference even after his death.

"I'm glad that we've gotten to this point.. just thinking back to last year during this time we were still looking for him," Carmen Adams, Corey's sister said. "So we're just excited. Really excited."

The Adams family say they want to take the system nationwide. They say they've already been in contact with groups from North and South Carolina and Pennsylvania.