Wisconsin lawmakers react to Pres. Trump's $4.8 trillion budget

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WMTV) - The President introduced a $4.8 trillion budget this week. The plan aims to balance U.S. funds over the next 15 years.

Wisconsin lawmakers react to President Trump's $4.8 trillion budget introduced this week.

It gives the department of defense $705 billion, but it also takes money from programs like food stamps and Medicaid, and leaves social security and Medicare benefits alone.

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin argues that not changing the growth rate for Medicare over a number of years is in essence a cut. Baldwin added the government should give it more attention, since president trump promised to protect it when he ran for office.

"The President needs to acknowledge that the tax plan benefitted the very wealthy and now he's taking away earned benefits in order to continue those tax cuts," Baldwin said.

In the house, Wisconsin Representative Bryan Steil sees the budget as a success, saying he'll continue to support social security and Medicare for people in his district.

"I think there are always opportunities to look to see how we deliver these programs more effectively and more efficiently, but absolutely critical that we continue to fund and support Medicare and Social Security for our seniors."

One place they agree, Baldwin and Steil said they were glad to see the president allocate $300 million toward the great lakes funding initiative.