Wisconsin-made sensor heads to Smithsonian

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - A Wisconsin-made sensor part of a cosmic observatory that was buried beneath the South Pole is on its way to the Smithsonian.

The sensor was made at the UW-Madison’s physical sciences laboratory in Stoughton.

The P.S.I. designs custom scientific equipment for advanced physics experiments and other specialized tools for researchers.

"Our job is to better understand the universe,” said Jim Madsen, the associate director of Ice Cube. “And there are amazing mysteries. We get this sense that we know everything that is going on. But the more we learn - the more we understand as unknown."

The Ice Cube observatory buried more than 5,000 sensors under the South Pole that catch the light signatures that collide with the ice.

The Smithsonian has requested the sensor for its permanent collection on astronomy and astrophysics because of Ice Cube's contribution to better understanding the universe.