Wisconsin man faces two new charges in case of abused Tennessee teen

Bryan Rogers
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A federal grand jury added two more indictments in the case of Bryan Rogers, a Wisconsin man accused of helping a 14-year-old girl escape sexual abuse in exchange for video of her being raped.

Rogers, 31, is now charged with two counts of transporting a minor across state lines for an illegal sexual purpose, in addition to the charges of production of child pornography and lying to a federal agent.

Authorities said Rodgers met the Tennessee teen in the online game Roblox in December 2018, and she told him she was being raped by her adoptive father.

They said Rodgers offered to help her run away if she provided him "clear video evidence" so he wouldn't get in trouble for taking her from her home. According to court records, he received the video in January and brought the teen to his Madison home days later. The girl's adopted father was arrested on rape charges.

If convicted of all charges, Rogers could face life in prison. The new charges carry a minimum sentence of 10 years, and a maximum of life in prison. The child pornography charge carries a minimum sentence of 15 years, and a maximum of 30 years. Rogers could also face five more years if convicted of lying to investigators.

Rogers pleaded not guilty to the first two charges in February. He has been in custody since his arrest, and his trial is scheduled to take place on July 15 in Madison.