Wisconsin students continue to march 50 miles to Paul Ryan’s office in Janesville

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Dozens of Wisconsin students continue the 50 mile march from Madison to Janesville calling for gun reform.

Students from across the state of Wisconsin are building on the momentum of student led protests, spending their spring break marching for change.

Students are making the march from Madison to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office in Janesville, demanding for gun reform. The students say they want congress to take action on banning personal possession of military grade weapons, ban the manufacturing of bump stocks, better background checks.

"When you want something to change you have to do something about it. When we say thoughts and prayers, they are not going to be enough because those are not taking action to change the law and although vacation is pretty nice... we're changing the country over here so vacation can wait," said Alemitu Caldert, a freshman at Shorewood High School.

"Either we could go out of town and spend some time away or we could make a change, we could do something and I mean we're having fun but we're also sending a message.. we're making change happen so I would do it again and again and again," Katie Eder, a senior at Shorewood High School said.

The group is being escorted by adult chaperones and Rock County Deputies. They will hold a rally in front of Speaker Ryan’s office Wednesday morning.

A statement on the protest from a spokesperson at House Speaker Paul Ryan's office says, "The speaker respects those expressing their views. The House recently enacted new laws to keep children safe without infringing on constitutional rights."

Last week, Speaker Ryan worked to pass legislation that would strengthen the federal background check system as well as significant resources for the Stop School Violence Act and mental health programs.