Wizard World Madison brings Barry Williams, other celebrities to Madison

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)--- A big event is happening this weekend at the Alliant Energy Center.

Wizard World Madison is sure to bring in a lot of interesting characters and celebrities.

One of those famous faces is Barry Williams. Williams is best known for his role as Greg Brady on the iconic TV show ‘Brady Bunch’!
Barry Williams said, “That show has had some pretty amazing history. It has been on for 50 years next year. Never been off the air. And each episode has aired hundreds and thousands of times. Millions of half hours of television.”

“And you are a part of that. American history right there. That’s so cool,” said Tim Elliott.

Elliott asked, “Talk to us about what you are doing here at Wizard Wold this weekend.”

“Meet the fans. So it’s Wizard World. It’s at Alliant Energy Center so we will be hanging out. Autographs, doing pictures, memorabilia, question and answer period, there’s entertainment going on. It’s running all three days. This evening from 4:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and then all day tomorrow and all day Sunday. So we are hoping to have a great turnout. There’s good advance and buzz going around,” explained Williams.

“And I want to point out Wizard World is not just for fantasy and role playing . Although those characters will be there. Pop culture icons will be there too,” added Elliott.

“Bill Shatner is coming. And Dean Cain, the new Superman, people from ‘Charmed’. There is a whole great mix,” explained Williams.

Elliott added, “I love how you call him Bill Shatner. You guys are buddies?”

“Yes, it’s better than bs,” joked Williams.

“That’s his other nickname,” said Elliott. “And you also have something else going on? A show on HGTV coming up next September.”

“It’s called, ‘A Very Brady Renovation’. HGTV bought the original Brady house. Which didn’t in the inside look like the set we filmed on so they are going to remake, remodel the whole thing to look like what we have seen on television. So that will be a series coming up in September. And then just after that, ‘Classic TV Stars Cruise’ ‘Classic TV Stars Cruise’. So I put together 12 classic TV stars from all kind of like what we are doing this weekend. Expect we are going to go cruising together, vacation together, hanging out together, shore excursions that will be a lot of fun. And there are cabins available. People want to come and join us for the week that’s available,” answered Williams.

Elliott then said, “You said cruise and vacation. That sounds awesome. Unbelievable. 50 years with the ‘Brady Bunch’ show. It’s been running every year for the past year. What’s the?”

Williams interrupts and said, “Not just every year, every day. And never been off the air. It truly is one of the more remarkable histories of a television show there is. ”

Elloitt follows up and asked, “You get this all the time, but what’s it like being a part of such an iconic tv show in American history?”

“It’s fantastic. It’s like having friends everywhere you go because people relate to me like I am there big brother. So it’s easy to make friends, to meet people, and sometimes places like gas stations or the dry cleaners .”

Elliott interrupted and added, “Or when you come to the newsroom. Pretty soon everyone wants a picture with you.”

Williams said, “I love that. I mean that’s what this weekend is about too saying hi and people share their stories. What they were doing, how old they were when they were watching the show, and they want to know. They want to know certain things about the ‘Brady Bunch’.

Elloitt asked “The question everyone wants to know. Are you going to drink some Wisconsin beer and have some Wisconsin cheese curds while you are here?”

“Well you make the invite, and I will be there.”