Woman recovering from Coronavirus shares experience

Published: Mar. 31, 2020 at 4:38 PM CDT
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Jessica Laughlin is one of the thousand of Wisconsinites with the coronavirus. The 24-year-old is recovering in Sun Prairie with her family, away from her boyfriend in Milwaukee.

"I hate to sound dramatic but it was the worst day of my life when I found out I had CoVid because I didn't know who I had possibly come in contact with to spread it," Laughlin said.

Her symptoms started with a cough and a scratchy throat. She started to get headaches and nausea which led her to a virtual doctor visit. Her doctor recommended she go to a drive thru test site. Laughlin got her results back on March 19 that revealed she had CoVid19.

"I haven't been able to see him in three weeks," Laughlin said when talking about her boyfriend.

He is currently battling cancer.

"It was a relief that he tested negative for the virus," Laughlin added.

The quarantine at her parents' home began last week. Laughlin said her symptoms peaked about a week into her illness where she 'felt like a weight was on her chest' and had trouble breathing with her cough. She also reported having gastrointestinal problems and a fever.

"The doctors say I had a moderate strain of Covid," Laughlin points out. "I feel lucky that I am young and healthy. I am able to recover from this and a lot of people don't have that same luxury."

Laughlin hopes to see her boyfriend in a week once her family's quarantine is up in Sun Prairie.