WATCH: Woman steals stroller from N.J. store, leaves child behind

MIDDLETOWN, N.J. (WCBS/CNN) - Police say three women worked together to steal a stroller but made a mistake that helped officers find them.

Three women accused of stealing a stroller from a New Jersey baby supply store had to turn back around after forgetting some precious cargo: A small child. (Source: WCBS via CNN)

One of the women left her child behind at the scene.

"What I take major offense to is the children. Don't do that with your children. If you need to steal for a living that's a personal problem, personal issue. When you bring children that have no idea what's going on - that affected me," said Enelio Ortega, the owner of Bambi Baby.

Ortega shared surveillance video that shows the three women walk into the store with three children.

One of the women spends several minutes trying to collapse a stroller before leaving with it, but she accidentally leaves one of the kids.

Ortega said several minutes went by before one of the women came back.

The store manager said shoplifting is rare at Bambi Baby.

"We haven't had any issues here at this store. I was like devastated that someone would leave their child in a store to worry more about stealing a stroller," he said.

The shoplifters are from England and stole an English stroller that would have been cheaper to buy overseas.

"It's only a $300 stroller. She could've taken a $1,000 stroller that was right next to it. So I don't know what the real intentions were," Ortega said.

He thinks they may have picked the collapsible one to bring on an airplane.

Police identified the two women as Maryann Cash, 23, and Nan McCarthy, 20. They were still looking Thursday for the third suspect.

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