Wounded Warrior Amputees face off against NFL greats

Published: Feb. 1, 2018 at 10:58 PM CST
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The Super Bowl takes place this Sunday, but many could argue a more meaningful game was played Wednesday night in the Twin Cities.

Amputee veterans faced off against football greats Wednesday night in a charity football game that raised hundreds of dollars for wounded veterans.

Wounded Warrior Amputee football team's captain was Reedsburg native BJ Ganem. Ganem isn't the only Sconnie guy on the team. Mike Caine is from Oshkosh.

"If I was a few inches taller I would've been a professional football player," Ganem joked.

Ganem keeps a light, happy attitude nowadays, but he says it hasn't always been that way. Ganem lost his leg while serving in the War on Terror.

"There were some really dark places," Ganem said.

With a change of attitude overtime, Ganem was back on two feet and taking his best step forward.

Caine didn't lose one, but both legs after his vehicle his a roadside bomb. He says he defied doctors orders and pushed to get back on both feet a lot faster than most.

"I have been able to do things I never even dreamed I could when I had my two regular legs," Caine said.

Both Caine and Ganem are exceptional examples for Wounded Warrior Amputees. They said being able to raise money to help others like them makes them feel accomplish. But they say the thing they are most proud of is getting passed the mental and physical battle that crippled them both for some time.

Now, Ganem and Caine say nothing can stand in their way.