Bucky on Parade: Popular public art parade ends with fundraising finale

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)--- The parade has officially ended for Bucky on Parade--a popular public art campaign.

Artisans at a Sparta manufacturing plant brought 85 blank Bucky Badger statues to life in the dead of the Wisconsin winter. From there the blank, white statues were carefully delivered to 64 artists who brought their own unique touch to each statue.

All but one of the statues were simultaneously revealed on May 7, and
from that day until mid-September, thousands of people enjoyed seeing and photographing the 85 uniquely designed Bucky Badger statues placed around Dane County. (A "Crazylegs" statue--#85-- was unveiled in August).

The University of Wisconsin-Madison granted rare approval to the artists to alter Bucky's classic image in the parade project, which was also a fundraiser for Garding Against Cancer and other non-profits.

Hundreds gathered at the Kohl Center Saturday evening to celebrate the campaign's end at the Bucky on Parade Finale, and they came to bid on 21 of the statues in a live auction benefiting the non-profits. Others had bid on 11 additional statues on-line.

They say, everyone loves a parade, and clearly thousands loved this one--"seeing Bucky Badger like they'd never seen him before."

At least $800,000 was raised from the two auctions, but that total is still being counted.