UW-Madison Humorology students raise $405,000 for small, local non-profit

Published: Apr. 9, 2019 at 8:43 PM CDT
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Tears streamed down Susannah Peterson’s cheeks as she thought about what she had just heard Saturday night. At the end of that evening’s Humorology variety show at Shannon Hall, UW-Madison students announced they were donating $405,000 dollars to the non-profit Peterson leads—The Badger Childhood Cancer Network (BCCN).

Peterson is BCCN’s executive director—the small non-profit’s only employee. BCCN provides financial and emotional support to hundreds of area families with a child battling cancer at American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison.

Peterson said, “We are amazed and humbled by the time, talent, and energy expended by the Humorology program to raise money to benefit local kids fighting cancer and life-threatening blood disorders.”

Humorology (also known as “Humo”) is a juried variety show produced by students in UW-Madison fraternities and sororities. Last summer, Humo chose BCCN to be the beneficiary of its fundraising efforts in 2018-19.

In addition to staging impressively choreographed musical numbers the past 71 years, Humorology also raises money for a non-profit in the process. The amount of money the students raise has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.

After selecting BCCN from among numerous other applicants, meetings, planning, and rehearsals began in earnest last fall. The group’s executive board officers set a goal of raising $250,000 for BCCN. The Humo students demolished that goal, pulling in $405,000, setting a Humorology fundraising record--a total about $171,000 higher than last year's impressive amount.

It’s a sum of money more than 10 times what BCCN has ever raised in a single fundraiser before. The funds will go to help pay bills of families with a child diagnosed with cancer, fund support groups, and parties for the kids and their families. In addition, the donation will ensure BCCN’s financial ability to carry out its mission for many years to come.

Peterson said, “We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Humorology for choosing BCCN as their philanthropic partner. Humo went above and beyond to raise a historic amount of money, allowing our organization to set a goal of providing support and services to an additional 300-400 families in this upcoming year.”

We have links to Humorology and the Badger Childhood Cancer Network attached to this article.

(NBC15 News anchor John Stofflet is a long-time volunteer and member of the BCCN Board of Directors).