Missing Student was Dealing with a lot

Published: Jun. 27, 2007 at 2:48 PM CDT
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FRIDAY Update:

The UW-Whitewater student missing for two weeks has been dealing with the recent deaths of her father and stepmother.

April Nolan is the sister of 22-year-old Kelly Nolan, missing since June 23 when she became separated from friends after hitting some bars on State Street.

April Nolan says they lost their stepmother in May and their father last year.

Kelly Nolan graduated from Waunakee High School. She's described as a good student with a pleasant personality, who played sports and was fun-loving and creative.

But, Nolan had her troubles. She was convicted of drunken driving twice in the last three years. Her driver's license had been suspended and she served 14 days in the Walworth County Jail after her second drunken driving offense.

Nolan planned to work in Madison for the summer. She worked at the Orpheum Lobby Restaurant on State Street for about a week in June. But, she was fired the Wednesday before she disappeared. The owner says she didn't have enough experience for the job.




It's been 13 days since 22 year old Kelly Nolan disappeared from downtown Madison.

We still don't have a lot of details about her disappearance, but nbc 15's Erin Koskovich was able to talk with a young man who was one of the last to see Kelly Nolan the night she disappeared.

The man Erin spoke with says he has talked to police and helped them in every way he can.

He says he didn't know Kelly very well, but he's told police everything he knows about the night she disappeared.

He told me Kelly was out with friends downtown Madison that night and her friends left and Kelly stayed in the bar with him.

He said he's helped police with anything they've asked him to do.

He's gone through DNA testing, a lie detector test, and his home and car have both been searched.

The man says he doesn't know what happened to Kelly that night, but he feels for her family... and hopes they find Kelly soon.

Police say they are following up on leads, but have no new information to release at this time.

A reward fund has also been set up for Kelly Nolan, but the amount has not yet been disclosed.



The family of a missing college student hopes a cash reward will generate new leads in the case. 22-year-old Kelly Nolan disappeared from downtown Madison on June 23rd.

At a media briefing Tuesday afternoon, the family announced a substantial reward is in the works, but wouldn't give us any sort of dollar figure--at least not yet.

But, Kelly's mom is hopeful the money will make people talk.

"She's out there. In my heart, she's okay. She's a great girl," says Mary Jane Nolan.

Ten days following her daughter's disappearance, Mary Jane says she received promising news from the police.

"Significant pieces of information were shared today (Tuesday)," says Mary Jane.

She won't say what, in fear it could jeopardize the on-going investigation. But, it's enough to give Mary Jane new hope.

"For us to give a piece there and not to give out a total mapping for her return, may be an injustice," she says.

"We keep telling everyone Kelly is not going to be found by us crying. We need to stay strong. We need to stay healthy and we need to just keep fighting," says Candice Nolan, Kelly's sister.

Kelly's disappearance is making national headlines.

A spokesperson for the Madison Police Department says that's likely due to the merit of this case.

"What has elevated this case, somewhat, is the fact that the family has told us she was in constant contact with them and after the early morning hours of June 23rd they have no contact with her. That's why this case is getting a little more attention than others," says Joel DeSpain, spokesman for the Madison Police Department.

Police are following up on a number of leads. At this time, they say there is no evidence to suggest foul play.

Additional information about the reward is expected to be announced by the family this week.


MONDAY Update:

The Madison Police Department says they have located several people who are believed to have had contact with Kelly Nolan on the night she was last seen.

These people are providing detectives with information and a team of detectives is checking out all leads.

The Madison Police Department is also releasing a photograph of a handbag that is similar to the one Nolan is believed to have been carrying at the time of her disappearance. (See photo below)

Police say no evidence has been found that would indicated foul play. The investigation remains a missing persons case.



Kelly Nolan was last heard from in the early morning hours of Saturday, June 23rd. Her family handed out fliers at Rhythm and Booms in the hopes of finding new leads.

Family and friends of 22-year-old Kelly Nolan passed out fliers at Warner Park Saturday.

Police say the UW-Whitewater student, from Waunakee, disappeared after a night out with friends in downtown Madison one week ago.

"We are all in a fighting mode now," said Kelly's sister Candice Nolan. "We're just ready to find her. We know she's out there. We're planning her return. She's a tough girl. We're read to find her and bring her home," she adds.

It is believed Nolan was wearing a green, sleeveless, scooped neck shirt and blue jeans at the time she went missing. She may also have been carrying a handbag.

Nolan is 5'5", 125 pounds, with brown eyes and brown hair.

Police are not saying much about the exact time line of events, or details of the search.



Kelly was in Madison working at the Madison Club for the summer. Her co-workers say she is extremely responsible, she never missed work and was on time. Some of her co-workers joined in the search Thursday. NBC 15 also learned Kelly worked at the Orpheum, but was let go there last Thursday.

Family and friends gathered at the Library Mall Thursday to canvas the downtown area in search of clue and to hand out and hang up fliers with Kelly's picture. "I would be extremely grateful to get any information so we can just find her. If you can see this, come home. Please come home," said Erin Delaney, Kelly's cousin.

The woman's mom and sister also made tearful pleas for the public to call in tips to lead them to Kelly. "We appreciate your help. We need everyone's help. We are here for Kelly and we are going to find dear Kelly wherever you are. and we're going to bring you home," sobbed Mary Jane Nolan, Kelly's mom.

Family and friends gathered back at the library mall for a candlelight vigil Thursday night. They had pictures of Kelly and they listened to music as they supported each other and prayed for Kelly. Family is also keeping the public informed through Kelly's Facebook page. They're using the online profile to tell people where to go to help with search efforts and also for events to honor Kelly and pray for her safe return.

Madison Police have also looked at the Facebook page looking for clues as to who may be trying to contact Kelly or who may have heard from her last. "We're talking to all the people who were acquaintances of hers her family of course. checking her Facebook page seeing who might have checked in there. just checking with anybody who might have knowledge of where she is," explained Joel DeSpain the public information officer for the Madison Police Department.

Police are doing routine checks of areas in the downtown in an effort to find Kelly. Police say they are calling hospitals, walking shorelines, and even sent a dive crew in. Divers took a look at areas along Isthmus shorelines. The Dane County Lakes Patrol is also assisting. Police say they don't necessarily think Kelly is in the lake, but they are searching every avenue possible at this time.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 266-6014.

Callers can remain anonymous and maybe eligible for a cash reward.

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