Woman Says Nolan's Body Found on Her Property

Published: Jul. 11, 2007 at 5:23 PM CDT
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A stretch of road has re-opened to traffic but is far from normal after the discovery of Kelly Nolan's body.

A forensics team wrapped up its work at the recovery scene on Wednesday. Nolan's body was found on Monday morning by a search team looking for evidence related to her disappearance.

Police cannot confirm the location, but a local woman says Nolan's body was found roughly 100 feet from her driveway.

"I know it's very wooded ... just off of the blacktop," she says.

Eleanor Killerlain says she knows where Kelly Nolan was found.

Killerlain says the body was discovered near where she's lived for more than 50 years.

"Even if I drove up there with my 4-wheeler, I wouldn't see it... but the neighbors were complaining ... there was an awful smell so I didn't think anything of it... cause I hadn't been up there," she says.

A forensics team has been up there on Wednesday. Investigators were wrapping up work which started two days earlier.

"They're taking a look at soils beneath where body was found and just making sure there isn't anything of evidentiary value," Joel DeSpain with Madison Police says.

DeSpain says evidence is already at the state crime lab. Results of tests could take days, if not longer. Plus, he says tips continue to generate leads.

"We have plenty of leads, but at this point, we don't have anyone under arrest and there is no one I know of who is a suspect," he says.

The coroner has not yet released how Nolan died. DeSpain says police have not yet determined whether Schneider Drive is a murder scene, or whether they're looking for someone known to Nolan.

"I think it's always easiest if you can tell the public that this person was targeted for a specific reason, at this point, we don't know, and that does, I know, raise the concern level in the community more," DeSpain says.

But DeSpain believes this case is solvable. He says investigators continue to question people who've been interviewed before as well as new people. And, the $10, 000 in reward money still stands, if it leads to an arrest and conviction.