Classic Fondue Monroe


1.5 cups Gruyere, shredded
.5 cup Emmentaler, shredded
1 cup Dry white wine (Riesling is best), room temperature


About half an hour before you plan to serve the fondue, mix cheeses and place in a pot with the wine. You can do this with a caquelon (tradition Swiss earthenware fondue pot), or a cast iron pot, or a regular heavy bottomed pot.

When you are ready to have the fondue turn on the heat and grab a glass of wine… this is for you, because you cannot leave this alone at this point. Stir the wine and cheese in a figure eight motion until the two combine and become liquid.You will think it is not working. You will think it is clumpy. You will think it’s runny. Have faith (and maybe another glass of wine), it will come together!

Serve immediately. Because there is no starch in this recipe the cheese will separate from the liquid… that is why you must serve immediately.