Crawfish Boil


2 lb of Tony Chachere’s Original Seafood Boil
8 to 10 onions (halved)
Dozen small red potatoes
6 links of smoked sausage
Few heads of garlic
1 ~17 oz can of Tony Chachere’s more spice seasoning
10 lemons (halved)
10-15 pounds live crawfish


Before you cook the crawfish you will need to rinse them. You can rinse the crawfish with plain water before cooking until draining water is clear.

Fill a large pot (20 Gal ) half full with fresh water, place the pot on outdoor propane burner, light it on low and turn up to high… full BLAST! Place the lid on the pot and bring water to a boil.

While you wait for water to boil, rinse the crawfish with fresh cool water until draining water is clear. You do not need to “purge” them with salt. Rinsing will do just fine.

Add 2 lb of Tony Chachere’s Original Seafood Boil to the water. Allow the boiling water mix it well for a minute or so and reduce heat to medium.

Drop in 8 to 10 onions (halved), a dozen small red potatoes, 6 links of smoked sausage and a few pods of fresh garlic. Let this cook, keeping an eye on the potatoes. (Check for doneness by stabbing with a sharp knife or fork. If the knife goes in easy, the potatoes are cooked. Hint: Don’t overcook potatoes, slightly undercook them because they will continue to steam and cook in the ice chest.)

When the potatoes are almost done, lower the fire on the burner and remove the basket. Place the vegetables and sausage in a small clean ice chest cover and reserve for later. They Will Continue to cook in the ice chest and stay hot for over an hour.

Turn the heat up on the burner…. Full BLAST and Add 1 ~17 oz can of Tony Chachere’s more spice seasoning to the water ( you can taste the water at this time… it should taste over salted if its not you may add more Salt to your taste.. Take 10 lemons (halved) and squeeze the juice in the water, Then add the lemons to the water. When the water comes back to a boil, remove the basket and place the crawfish into the basket then place the basket into the pot. (Be careful - it's extremely hot!) Put the lid on the pot.

When the water comes back to a rolling boil - keep a very close eye on this part it - let it boil for 4 minutes and turn off the burner / fire. At this time you can add in 2 dozen frozen Corn cobettes ( this will drop the temperature of the water to slow down the cooking process) Let the crawfish and corn soak for 5 minutes and remove the Basket from the pot.

Pour the Crawfish and corn into an ice chest and sprinkle generously with Tony’s More Spice seasoning. Mix this well and let steam for 5 minutes.

Use Seasoning to suite your taste.