Badger wide receiver works toward change in Madison

Published: Jun. 13, 2020 at 10:55 PM CDT
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From a star at Stoughton high school to now a senior for Wisconsin football, Adam Krumholz has given his all on the field. But with his community joining the country in a fight for racial equality while battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Adam and his girlfriend Demi Philosophos have found a way to make their biggest impact on Madison.

“I remember when we were first going to protests and Adam was saying, 'I want to figure out a way that I can actually help the black community in Madison.'” said Demi, Adam's girlfriend and a senior at UW-Madison.

Adam Krumholz didn't only want to make change happen, but show how to use his platform as a Power 5 college-athlete.

“It was important for me not to stay silent in a time where our community needs us.”

That led Adam and Demi to Nehemiah, an organization with the mission to end racial disparities in Madison. With the guidance of Community Engagement Specialist, Jacquelyn Hunt, they began putting together essential kits for marginalized families that have dealt with financial troubles, whether a pandemic was happening or not.

Adam and Demi raised funds through their

“We’re in a pandemic right now, and so there were marginalized families in our community already, right?" said Jacquelyn Hunt. "Then the pandemic happened and it created even more.”

Jacquelyn had been the contact for Demi and Adam at Nehemiah, who told them essential kits were the biggest need to the Madison based organization. So the couple turned Demi's parent's living room in Madison in to an essential kit factory, packing bags that will be distributed on the last Thursday in June with hygiene needs from deodorant and soap to toilet paper and laundry detergent.

The original goal was $3,000. Once word spread on social media of their mission, the two raised all expectations.

“We thought 3000 was a lot of money." Adam shared, "Once it got more exposure we had to raise it to five, then 10 and now it’s at 15. 15,000."

"Their goal was 100 baskets, but I know now with all the money they got, we're going to do way more than 100." Said Hunt while flashing a smile full of pride over Zoom.

$15,000 can supply 428 essential kits for marginalized families in Madison. Freeing up resources normally spent on these essentials to be used elsewhere.

$15,000 is the goal for a pair of soon-to-be college graduates to battle racial disparities that have been caused by "the systems" as Jacquelyn Hunt put it simply.

"Racism... and its ugliness creates the disparity." Hunt shared as she went more in-depth.

"Lack of equity and access to equal education. People with power who use that power to keep others oppressed create disparities."

"The criminal justice system. The educational system. Social service agencies. Housing, you know?"

To see two college students take a conversation that's now at the forefront of this country and turn it into change does more than supply essentials to the families in Madison, but hope for the future as well.

“For them to be conscious enough to want to make a difference and for Adam to say, ‘hey’ I’m going to use my platform as an athlete.' To do good like this, my heart was so happy." said Hunt.

“Being able to help out as much as we can, that’s why we keep pushing.” added Demi and Adam.

Adam humbly finished the zoom conversation with why he and Demi have stepped up so quickly.

When people truly need your help in desperate times, that’s when guys like me and Demi have to step up.”

You can donate to help Demi, Adam, Jacquelyn and the Nehemiah organization reach the go of $15,000

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