The best racquetball players in the world are coming to Sun Prairie

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SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. The worlds best racquetball players will travel to Sun Prairie to compete in the 22nd annual Lou Bradley Pro Am Tournament.

The tournament is located at the Prairie Athletic Club and qualifying rounds start at noon on Thursday, January 30. The players use the ceiling, walls and floor to hit the ball. The ball flies at around 200 mph and players can only score when they serve in the sport.

The Prairie Athletic Club is expecting almost 150 players and more than 200 spectators to come to the tournament. Including, the number one racquetball player in the world Kane Waselenchuk.

"People are diving all over the place, the ball moves close to 200 miles per hour, you got quickness, you got agility, you got hand-eye-coordination and then you got competition and any sport your watching the competitors go at it is always fun if you're a sports fan," Andy Thompson, owner of the Prairie Athletic Club, said.

Tickets are necessary to watch the tournament Friday through Sunday. If you'd like to buy tickets click here.