Friday Football Blitz: Level 2

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PLATTEVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) -- It was Level 2 of the Friday Football Blitz, which meant the stakes were even higher for the prep football teams still standing.

Lancaster and Mineral Point had battled just two weeks ago in the regular season. Mineral Point finished the season undefeated, and the Flying Arrows of Lancaster were looking for revenge.

For the Flying Arrows, the opening drive had Hayden Knapp connect with Issac Oyen for 11 yards. The nice gain was followed by Knapp keeping the ball for himself and running for another 15 yards. It was a methodical drive to open the game.

The drive would be capped off by Dawson Bowen from just outside the goal line, giving Lancaster the early lead.

For the Flying Arrows next drive, not as good. Bo Hanson put a stop to this drive and that would lead to good things for Mineral Point.

The Pointers sniffed out a fake punt, as Dominick McVay and Nolan Springer combined for the turnover. Mineral Point fell early but clawed their way back to win it, 35-28.