Danica Patrick shows Aaron Rodgers some love on Instagram

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GREEN BAY, Wis., (WMTV) Danica Patrick was gushing about boyfriend Aaron Rodgers on Instagram on Monday after his record-breaking performance against the Oakland Raiders.

Although Patrick seemed to be more impressed with Rodgers in another way.

“While Aaron’s greatness is measured and very very impressive on the field, he should also be known for the great human he is off the field,” she wrote on the social media site.

Patrick posted a picture of herself along with a large group of Packers fans in a suite at Lambeau Field. One of those people included golfer Andy North, a native of Monona and avid Badger and Packer fan. So far, her post has more than 30,000 likes.

“Every weekend there is a group of amazing people that fly from far and wide to support him, some new friends (many are my old friends) but most he has had for decades,” she wrote. “Yesterday was one of those days where there was so much to celebrate beyond just being together. Perfect passer rating. Fastest QB to reach 350 TD in history. Also, a highly ranked game in passing yards and in TDs.”

Patrick finished the post by complimenting Rodgers in another, perhaps less subtle way. “Plus the hotness! Lucky girl.”