Edgewood swim coach inspires as his life changes forever

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MADISON, Wis. Edgewood High School swim coach Marcus Pierce's life will change forever on Wednesday, but he spent Tuesday night inspiring his Crusaders.

"I think I like coaching more because I'm better at coaching than I was a swimmer. I am very passionate," said Pierce.

And the passion that Edgewood High School assistant swim coach Marcus Pierce brings to every practice and meet didn't go unnoticed.

"He's always around the team. He's pretty much family to us. He still pushes us to be great because that's his angle as a coach" according to Sean O'Connor an Edgewood swimmer.

"I like to see fire in kids eyes, that's why I love coaching so much." said Pierce.

As much as he loves coaching, after just 3 meets this season, Pierce is walking away from the pool.

Pierce has had synovial cell sarcoma since the age of 11 and it is now back for a third time. His leg will be amputated on Wednesday.

"The third time is the rule and that's when the amputation comes and I"m ready for it," said Pierce.

While Pierce has found peace within himself, his team has found inspiration not only from his attitude, but from the way he approaches his new life on Wednesday.

"My mantra is kind of all gas and no breaks. You can't stop it now so there's nothing to be upset about. When I wake up tomorrow afternoon I'm sure I'm not going to be a happy person, but we'll get over it and we'll get better," said Pierce.