Ferguson and Dunn Find Endzone in Badgers Blowout Victory

MADISON, Wis. (NBC15) Before Saturday's 48-0 win over Kent State, you didn't have to be a betting man to put money on Jonathan Taylor having a career game against the nation's worst rush defense. But after JT's 215 total yards and five touchdown performance, a couple of local stars found the endzone themselves.

Memorial product, Jake Ferguson scored his first touchdown of the season on a two-yard reception from Jack Coan miway through the third quarter.

In the fourth Edgewood alum, Jack Dunn put the finishing touches on the win with a three-yard endaround score. It wasn't all Paul Chryst on the play calling, but the Badgers skill guys that helped Dunn find the endzone for the first time in his career.

"Grosh and JT called that one." Began Chryst, "It tells ya, they appreciate what he does and doesn't matter where they're from you know, the way he approaches it and what he does for this team, every guy was fired up about that one."

"And Dunn called for the play too!" Taylor added while smiling ear-to-ear after being asked if him and Garret Groshek did indeed help the offense with the play call. "He was like, 'man I know the jet is open. He said 'well lets go tell them!' And he got in there that's the thing. But, you know you call for a play like that, and you get in there that just show, that's another opportunity to show the coach hey he can trust you."